More on McKinney Falls State Park, Austin, TX

McKinney Falls State Park near Austin, TX is a picturesque place in the fall, when fall colors are prevalent, and in the spring, when wildflowers are blooming.  The photos in this post are from a fall visit, during a drought, so the water flow over the falls was minimal.  After heavy rains there can be a tremendous amount of water flowing in the stream and over the falls.  At low flow, one can walk in the stream and over the falls, using care not to slip on the rock, as a fall could result in an injury or worse.

There are numerous camping areas in the park for both RV and tent campers with electric and water hookups.

It can be quite hot here in the summer, so fall and spring are probably the most comfortable times for camping.  However, an RV, with A/C and a furnace will be fine for the summer and winter camping.

More information can be obtained at McKinney Falls.

Fall in McKinney Falls State Park, Austin, TX
Lower Falls, eye level view
Lower Falls, Eye Level View 2
Diamond Back Water Snake

Joshua Tree National Park

My oldest son and I spent a few days in Joshua Tree National Park in southern California the last week of March, 2018.  While exploring one of the less visited areas, we spotted a dead tree that we immediately knew presented numerous photo opportunities.  We returned to this tree on two evenings to photograph it, capture stars and star trails with the tree as fore ground.

My son referred to the tree as the “ghost tree”.  I thought it looked more like the “grim reaper tree”.

In addition to the star trails, numerous air plane paths are also apparent.

Sportsmobile acceptance camping

Sportsmobile with the penthouse top extended
Sportsmobile back with doors open before bug screen is closed.
First beer in the Sportsmobile
Sportsmobile interior view from the rear bench seat
Sportsmobile side view with the bug screen in place.

After picking up the new Mercedes Sprinter Sportsmobile in Austin, TX, I stayed overnight in McKinney Falls State Park to check out the basic vehicle.

As one can see, this is the short wheel base Sprinter, which I think will be best for accessing places off of the main roads.  This is a four wheel drive version with both hi and lo range.  The wheels and tires are upgrades to allow travel on more primitive roadways.

A roof rack and a new rear bumper with tire carrier and storage box will be added in a few weeks.